Our standard 2019 rates for guiding in English are below – these are intended to give you an indication of the cost of the services we provide.  Most tours are tailored to your individual requirements therefore please contact us for a detailed quotation.  Half days are up to 4 hours, full days are up to 8 hours.  Extra hours can be agreed for a supplement.

These rates will be higher if you require a guide in French, German or Spanish.

Walking tour


  • Half day : from £180 per half day
  • Full day : from £230 per full day

Step-on Guide


  • Half day : from £180 per half day
  • Full day : from £230 per full day
  • Please note travel expenses may be required depending on start/end point

Driver-guided Tours


  • Half day : from £350 (depends on length and itinerary)
  • Full day : from £470 per full day (depends on length and itinerary)
  • Multiple days : will incur additional overnight charges for the driver guide.  We suggest no more than 5-7 people for extended tours due to personal space in vehicle and luggage capacity.

Driver guides are only qualified to take up to 8 passengers before needing a special type of driving licence.  For larger groups, we work with mini coach operators such as LR Executive Travel, Bud Fisher Travel or Harry Bell Travel who have qualified drivers and vehicles for up to 18 people& we then work as a step-on guide.